Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs, once a rural village and summer retreat, became incorporated in 2005. Located just north of Atlanta, it is now the sixth largest city in the state and second largest city in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. The population is over 109,000. Sandy Springs had its beginning on what we now recognize as Johnson Ferry Road. In the 1800s, thirsty pioneers found their way to the springs, congregating and establishing community, and the first house in Sandy Springs was built in 1852. The original springs can be seen at Heritage Green in the heart of the city. It is now a four-acre park, home to the historic Williams-Payne House. Today, Sandy Springs still attracts. It is the headquarters for major companies and businesses. Sandy Springs is drawing acclaim and interest from around the state, country and globe.

General Demographics

Total Population - 109,466

Top Five Largest Employers

Cox Enterprises
IBM Corporation
United Parcel Service
Intercontinental Exchange
Cisco Systems

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