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I am a member of a few Chambers at the moment, and have worked with many over the years. I have to say – and have done on many occasions at many events – that the GNFCC is THE chamber setting the standard. The energy is palpable, professionalism beyond measure and passion without equal. You are NOT only in the top 1%, you set the benchmark for all other Chambers. You are number one. Thank you to you and your staff.

Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood has partnered with the Greater North Fulton Chamber for 6 years to host the Chamber Luncheon Series focused on education. We value the opportunity to support our local communities, bring meaningful content to community leaders and create relationships that are beneficial to our business of architecture and engineering. We are grateful for the partnership with the Greater North Fulton Chamber and look forward to continuing our support for the luncheon series!

No other organization fully brings the community together on issues like the Greater North Fulton Chamber. It is a professionally run organization with excellent staff who always look out for business growth and partnerships. Whether it’s transportation, economic development, small business growth or public policy – GNFCC is the go-to place to meet the leaders in our community and hear the latest news. The Perimeter CIDs is proud to be a Chairman’s Circle member at the Chamber and is committed to staying actively engaged.

The Greater North Fulton Chamber continues to be that wonderful gift that just keeps on giving. If you are willing to invest the time, it will be worth your financial investment. I’ve been a Chairman Circle member representing two different companies for 17 years and privileged to have served on the Chamber’s board of directors. Our investment in membership, events, and sponsorships has been a remarkably efficient way to showcase our business, help develop our people, and gain access to platforms that deepen and develop relationships with community and business leaders, clients, and prospects. Our ROI continues to exceed expectations.

After attending only a few GNFCC events, I already have a commitment for a video engagement in October, and several others have signed up for our video platform. This is the fastest ROI I've seen from any business networking membership I've been a member of.

We have an abundance of gratitude for the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce and the support they have provided us over the years. GNFCC has been our ultimate connection to the community and area leaders. We are grateful that they have invested the time in learning about us and our program offerings so they may assist in creating avenues of opportunity for those seeking to continue their education. Our membership to the chamber is invaluable and our success stories directly tied to the chamber are vital to our growth in North Fulton! We cannot say “THANK YOU” enough GNFCC!

I am truly proud to be a part of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce. Serving as the regional chamber for the North Fulton area, the opportunities to interact and collaborate on a State or local level are available to any business. Many of the people that I’ve met through my years of interaction with the Chamber have become long-time colleagues and friends. Whether you’re looking for events, sponsorship opportunities or to make business connections both large and small, I highly recommend joining GNFCC.

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