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The mission of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce is to be the catalyst for economic development, business growth, and quality of life in North Fulton.

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The two primary benefits we receive from our membership are access and exposure. By attending Chamber events, specifically Chairman’s Circle events, we have had access to leaders of the community. Because of this, we have sponsored a number of events and programs. It not only supports the chamber, but it also gives us exposure in front of audiences that don’t know enough about Smith and Howard. Many of the events we sponsored led to great outcomes from a business standpoint.

The Chamber has been a tremendous resource to build relationships. I proactively reach out to the businesses that I meet at Chamber events, and I make the time to build rapport. Once those relationships are made, we can refer business to each other. The key is creating those relationships and genuinely caring about one another.

I have learned so much from the Chamber. Even my tag line actually came from the Chamber. There is something you are going to absorb from everyone. You don’t just get referrals for your business, but you get a little village!

Greater North Fulton is the premier business association to join. It not only covers six cities, but it also has the largest diversity of businesses. There is no other business association that provides that type of value.

When I came to this area to start my company, I was visiting various Chambers and networking groups. I found GNFCC to be very unique because there was such a strong focus on helping you grow your business! No other chamber compares.

I have learned so much about the entire North Fulton community from Leadership North Fulton. Public safety and education are topics we don’t typically know much about as community members. Thanks to the Chamber, I have been able to take the information that I have learned to my staff and clients.

The Chamber has provided incredible connections for my business. Because of the ProAlliance program, I consistently have people that bring their cars to me and recommend Christian Brothers Automotive to their friends and family. In return, I continue to use so many small business members of the chamber as resources. We all work with each other. We trust and know each other.

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