Talent Coalition

The solutions we are working to develop involve a large number of North Fulton constituents, so in order to focus our efforts and create efficiencies, we needed a single gathering point of ideas, planning and implementation, which is why the GNFCC is home to the Talent Coalition. We are working seamlessly with our members to build connections, foster partnerships and make a positive impact in our community through the Talent Coalition.

For decades the Greater North Fulton community has come together with a common goal of quality of life with globally competitive education choices and support for business and job creation. To continue to promote growth and avoid stagnation the GNFCC’s Talent Coalition is a cross-discipline initiative bringing together education and business to develop workforce strategies that fill the largest skills gaps in the region.

To start, we have identified the top five jobs in each vertical of healthcare and technology that are in the highest demand, but are also the most difficult to fill with talent. These jobs alone represent thousands of available jobs in North Fulton.

Our coalition partners are collaborating to face the challenges and work towards the solutions to ensure North Fulton remains a top region for residents and businesses.  For example, the rate at which business is changing – particularly in the technology and healthcare fields – is leading to a large disparity between what the U.S. workforce is being trained to do and the job requirements that have emerged over the last 30 years. That gap has widened to the point that it is impacting any size business in nearly every industry in communities around the country.

With laser focus and firm commitment from all parties, together we are achieving our goals and continue to make North Fulton a place to live, work and play!

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