Tax Information

Ad Valorem

Ad Valorem values are determined each year by the Revenue Commissioner using a combination of fair market value and wholesale value. These values are arrived at by using a variety of market guides that are available to the public. Department of Revenue: 404-968-0480.

Property Taxes

Industrial, commercial and residential properties are assessed at 40 percent of the real property value. Property tax is determined by multiplying the assessed value of the property by the established millage rate. Millage rates vary depending on whether the business or residence is located in unincorporated Fulton County, City of Alpharetta or the City of Roswell. One mill is equal to $1 per $1000 of the assessed value.

Current Millage Rates are as follows:

2012 Tax Digest Millage Rates

State of Georgia .200 mills
Fulton County Schools 18.502 mills
Fulton County Incorporated 10.281 mills
City of Alpharetta 4.820 mills
City of Johns Creek 4.614 mills
City of Milton 4.731 mills
City of Mountain Park 10.780 mills
City of Roswell 4.059 mills
City of Sandy Springs 4.731 mills
North Fulton Community Improvement District 3.000 mills

 Source: Georgia Department of Revenue

Sales Tax

Fulton County´s sales tax is seven percent, collected on all retail sales except food items. The sales tax includes a four percent statewide sales tax, one percent MARTA tax, one percent education tax, and a one percent local option tax.

Individual Income Tax

Georgia´s maximum individual income tax is six percent, based on federal adjusted gross income.

Corporate Income Tax/Corporate Net Worth Tax

Any company doing business or owing property in Georgia is subject to the state´s corporate income tax and corporate net worth tax. Still the lowest in the nation, Georgia´s corporate income tax is six percent on the taxable income derived from business conducted in Georgia. The corporate net worth tax is based on the company´s net worth.

Additional Business Taxes

Certain areas have been designated as impact fee areas and require special permits. Upon applying for permits, businesses will be notified of impact fees for their proposed site. Several communities also have established community improvement districts, which levies an additional tax.


A wide range of development and general business incentives and tax credits are offered by the state of Georgia, Fulton County, City of Alpharetta, and the City of Roswell. If your business qualifies, the following may be available: taxable and tax-exempt bond financing, job tax credit, Freeport exemption, taxable bond issue, investment tax credit, retraining tax credit, child care credit.

Progress Partners of North Fulton Atlanta

Progress Partners of North Fulton Atlanta is an initiative of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce designed to position North Fulton as one of the top destinations in Atlanta for long-term economic growth and superior quality of life.  Through this initiative, Progress Partners combines the best attributes of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Roswell and Sandy Springs..

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The North Fulton CID is a self-taxing district that spans from Mansell Road north to McGinnis Ferry Road. A voluntary tax, paid by commercial property owners within the District’s boundaries, funds the CIDs efforts to improve the area. The cities of Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell fall within the CID’s boundaries, and all three cities partner with the CID on projects, planning and initiatives.

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