North Fulton County is represented statistically by six distinct cities with inclusive communities where people, from all walks of life, call home:

Alpharetta, population 57,551

Johns Creek, population 76,728

Milton, population 30,180

Mountain Park, population 570

Roswell, population 88,346

Sandy Springs, population 93,853


The following demographics describe the new six-city region that serves as a place of employment and residence to thousands in metro Atlanta.

Household Incomes  
Per Capita $42,270
Average Household $108,991
Median Household $86,703
Bachelors Degree or Higher  
Alpharetta 62.7%
Johns Creek 63.5%
Milton 66.4%
Mountain Park 36.0%
Roswell 53.4%
Sandy Springs 58.9%
Population 2010 359,336
White 69.2%
African-American 12.9%
Hispanic 10.9%
Asian 10.7%

Progress Partners of North Fulton Atlanta

Progress Partners of North Fulton Atlanta is an initiative of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce designed to position North Fulton as one of the top destinations in Atlanta for long-term economic growth and superior quality of life.  Through this initiative, Progress Partners combines the best attributes of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Roswell and Sandy Springs..

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